FT Custom profile trials uni

Im trading my profile trials uni here are the specs :

Custoem viscount seat with kh handle and fusion cover
Allow seatpost with kh rail adaptor (very very strong and light)
Yuni frame painted white
Profile cranks and hub cranks and very very new no big drops taken on them
alex rim brand new wheel build onto it brand new rim
Luna tire (used) and a monty trials used as well
Also a no name 20inch round crown frame painted flashy orange
I have spent well over 1000$ on this uni.

Im trading all this for a Nice Muni dont try n trade a crapy uni plz. Im looking for 24 inch btw not 26. offer here or pm me

I dont mean to ruin your trade but it says that the cranks are new…Did you break the old ones and get replacements? Because in a previous thread you said they were bent and alot of big drops were done on them.

yep I actually bought new ones because profile woudnt replace my other ones… they are very very new the only thing I did with them was grind a bus bench witch was 1 foot high…

Ok just clearing that up…I wish i had the money cuz i want profiles…Are they 145s or did you get 165s again??

145s of course 165 is just wayyy too bad my friend… lol well what muni do you have maybe we could work a trade off ?

Nope i like my Muni…I just wanted to upgrade my Trials and i have $0 right now and my Trials isnt worth the trade to you probably.

oh comon this trials setup pwns.

Yeah…But y would i want 2 trials unis and No Muni?

that wasent directed strait to you I just mean this setup pwns if I did a price of all the money put into it it would come to around 2k…

Ok then…Ill Leave by saying this. Maxs Uni is in fact pretty sweet. Someone who wantProfiles should scoop this up.

And max you should probably PM UNIquelyCanadian, The only reason he didnt trade last time is cuz the cranks were f**ked

Is this still available?

got 1000$ ?