Fs White-Widow saddle w/pictures

Its in very good condition, only used a few times. I want to get rid of this seat and get a kh saddle. so if anyone wants a koxx saddle give me a reasonable price. i was thinking mabey 25$ if you pay shipping. PM for more detailshttp://img108.imageshack.us/img108/8697/zzpj6.jpg

one more pic

Just wondering where are you located?


88310 could i get a shipping estimate
will most likely buy

i know this will sound stupid ,but how do i get a shipping estimite? could you figure it out,tmahawk WI. 54487

go to usps and type the area codes it came out to $4.50 if the saddle is 1 pound so if you have a better weight it would be more accurate

sorry i dont really have anythig to weigh it. mabey we could find a wight by looking up the seat on like renegade or somewhere.

ok i just weighed my lx seat with the seat post and it was only 1 pound so it should be less than that.

allright, im going to bed cause its 11 so we can figure this out tomarrow if you for sure want it.

ok im sure i want it talk to you tomorrow

:astonished: just to let you know i dont think this seat will fit your lx post!

yeah i wasent planing on using that post thanks though
Do kh or nimbus ones fit it?
could you take a picture of the bottom and post it tommorow

No a KH or Nimbus wouldnt fit your LX post…The koxx saddles have the same kind of bolts as a KH or nimbus.

i was talking about seatposts since i am buying this saddle
but thanks you still answered my question.

If he doesnt buy it, i get dibs :smiley:

i am definitely buying sorry
i was going to buy from ilostmyotherwheel but he found a buyer that wanted the frame and seat.

Thats fine :smiley:

hey, i have never used paypal or anything so could you explain to me how it works.
I can probably call you some time after 7 when i get free long distance.

you just sign up at the top of the page and it is a safe easy way to transfer money from checking accounts.
or i have a wells fargo account if you do also we could do it that way.