FS Unicycle

A college of mine wishes to sell second hand a blue old style Pashley 24. It is
from the two screw period, with cotter cranks and a Pashley slug saddle. He
wants 50ukp for it, buyer to collect from central Reading or the British Uni

The low down on this uni is , it’s an old style Pashley, the saddle is not
comfortable, but the uni is in fairly good nick, its not been battered. It would
make a good donnor unicycle if anybody fancied doing a DIY wheel enlargement see
Simon Greenways www pages for more info on how. It would also be a resonable uni
for an adult to learn on, tho they might want to change the saddle.

If your intersted , e-mail me and we can see what can be arranged.


simons pages are at http://members.tripod.com/~derek_b/muni2.htm