FS: Trials uni as used by Joe Hodges

Hi, basically, Joe’s not got an account so we’re using mine:

^Joe’s words.

post on this topic if interested. and make an offer, he’s not 100% on price yet. The uni is perfectly rideable from when i last saw it, you might wanna replace pedals, and service the spokes a little, but apart from that it should be fine.

pictures up later.

  • Joe

£120 (not including p&p) for this. UK only really…

Unless you live close by in Europe or something, he can post it to you.

:wink: Joe should make an account


I’v added you on msn have a chat.:wink:

Ask him where he got the frame. :smiley:

What’s that in USD? What would the shipping run to the US I wonder

WOW! Thats a freaking steal! 120 euros for a trials uni with CF seat, K1 hub cranks. Even if it was used by Joe Hodges, Ben Plotkin-Swing and Ryan Atkins thats an insane deal! Wish I was in the UK…

I would think that would decrease the value knowing that really big stuff has been done on it.

Hi Joe/Sponge, I’ve got a friend whois looking to buy a trials uni in the next few days so just asking a few questions on his behalf:

  1. Why are you selling the uni?
  2. Has it taken many big drops (is there any damage to the hub/cranks?)
  3. How old is the uni?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah it would, definently, but it’s still a really good uni for the price, even if it has taken some serious abuse.

But, it’s not worth buying it if the hub is going to/about to break… Almost…

Right to clear this up, I’ve asked Joe earlier today, here’s what he told me:

  1. Selling it because he’s got a new unicycle from Koxx-One, and he can’t use a uni that isn’t completely Koxx/Tryall branded.

  2. This uni hasn’t taken his big drops, it has only been used for casual stuff, and not very high drops, and mainly for work on technical stuff. He used his first XTP and a silver Koxx wheelbuild to do big drops on.
    So basically the Nimbus Longneck II and the green wheel haven’t taken as much abuse as normally dished out by Joe. Also, the seatpost on this uni is new as well.

  3. He’s not sure on exactly how old it is, he got the frame first around the time of Unicon, just before, he thinks. The wheel was bought around the time of BUC 13. But the post, saddle, and tyre are all newer than the frame by quite a bit.

I’d say that this uni has quite some prestige and history behind it at the same time. Since it was something he used partly, to do so well at Unicon, as well as using the same wheel to become British Trials Champion. Either way, it’s a totally customised uni with a pretty unique wheel. For £120, it’s a steal.

If I’m not too late I’ll definitely take it at that price.

If you’re coming up to NUTS you could bring it then to save faff with postage.

…If I’m not too late that is.

Same :frowning:

IS it gone or still for sale?

looks like an awesome deal :smiley:

shame i dont need a trials uni… you’d have asked me like 2months before…