FS/Trade: Used Five Ten Barons (13) and Customized Shimano AM 41 (13)

The Barons are 50% worn, uppers are excellent, sole has some pin erosion, but no delams, in fact I had a new waterproof insole glued into the shoe to replace the cardboard thing that Five Ten puts in the shoes.

The Shimanos have been retreaded with Vibram yellow label soles, also a new leather insole, the velcro cover is also gone, so they are nice and light. The shoes are quite a bit softer than new, probably on par with the Barons or Freerides. The soles are not as sticky as the Five Ten, more like a hiking sole now. The shoe does have some nice ankle padding, uppers are good shape.

I don’t want much for the shoes, make an offer or some kind of trade, I can ship them domestic for $10-15.

Things I’m looking for:
Original style KH seat covers, the ones with a vinyl center, esp red, black, orange, blue.

FREE to the first person who sends me a PM. You pay shipping.

If you can shrink them down to an 8 or 9, I’m game :smiley:

you have big feet

You know what they say about guys with big feet…

Big shoes…

My feet are not big, like he said ^, it’s the shoes that are big :stuck_out_tongue:

Are the paddles included ??? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

thats a good one