FS: Surly Conundrum 24" Muni

A Surly Conundrum 24" Muni, consisting of the Surly frame in champagne, a KH Moment ISIS hub lightened and repainted in black, 42mm hub bearings, 14g spokes, Large Marge rim, Nokian Gazzlodi tire, black Monty 158mm trials cranks, basic Wellgo pedals, a custom 28.6 seatpost, a carbon seat base, KH foam innards with a grey nylon cover that velcros on & off to the carbon base for access to innards, SH nylon grip, Magura HS-33 brake with modified pads (for less braking effect) and lever with “T” handle for better control. Also including a Surly Constrictor seattube clamp, and 2 seatpost shims for 27.2 and 22.2 posts.

The frame & wheel are in excellent cond. The cranks were used when I got them. The seat can easily be re-tailored to your liking. Weighs 15.2 lbs. This is a killer Muni, but I’m just not doing it anymore. Asking $500., but will consider any reasonable offer. Shipping to U.S. will run about $40., but we can talk more about that. Here’s the pics:





It literally only took 2 minutes to sell by PM. Ya gotta be fast around here!! Pete.

nice lookin uni. whats up with the brake. ive never seen o ne before?(like that.)

You’ve been a member of this forum for how long and have never seen a picture of a set of maguras?

Whos the lucky owner of this beast?

no i mean the “T” i was really asking if it was modded or if you can buy them that way.

I welded on that short piece of tubing to the stock Magura lever. It just worked better that way, and I was able to modulate the brake better with one finger.

I told you it would go quick. :slight_smile:

Back 4 Sale!

Seems the buyer has begged off today. So this fine steed is back up on the block for sale.

I would buy this…but I have already gone over my unicycle budget with my new kh/schlumpf 29er. That is a good deal and a nice uni.

I will also throw in a pair of 661 leg guards, very good cond., size medium.

Check your pm’s-

This is a bargain. If I didn’t have a few other priorities I’d buy it… I might buy it yet.

Lots of interest, but no one has actually committed to buy yet, and one party won’t have funds until next month. So it’s still open as far as I’m concerned.

Conundrum, KH ISIS Hub, Large Marge, Gazz, Magura, 28.6mm seatpost with optional seatpost shims, plus the 661 Pads, I don’t think I have any other muni stuff to throw in!

Hey Pete,
If this is still available, consider it sold. I’ll put a $540 USPS money order in the mail tommorrow. PM me your address.

Ha! Saw that coming.

SOLD. Thanks all.