FS: Summit with custom brake posts

Orange and black Summit trials for sale. Denubbed cranks. NO SEAT. KH seatpost, 200mm I think. Luna tire, good amount of tread left. Wheel is straight and true. Great shape!

$250 + shipping.

Note that the seatpost and seat are NOT what you get with the uni. Just a regular black KH seatpost.

That is a sweet deal, and I just payed 250$ for my DX!

You’re darn right it’s a good deal!

I know im darn right its a good deal, gosh!:stuck_out_tongue: Do i use sarcasm too much?

could you ship to australia?
and if so how much

I could, if you pay for shipping. I think it’s about $250-300 AUS just for shipping.
So your total would be around $550-600 AUS.

thats a lot for shipping.

on ebay i think they can ship a DX to aus from US for about 100$ US which is like 125$ Aus

but is that for like premium postage or anything? what about the one where they put it on a ship and it arrives 2 months later? rather than the next week by plane.

That is one sweet lookin’ uni. I love the look of the summit trials, even though they weigh a ton (Apparantly!).

Rock on!

Meh, Summits are a copy of the old KH frames, you’ll see the real deal on Sunday, Edd :stuck_out_tongue:

The Summit up there looks good though, why the high saddle though? Looks even high than Zack baldwin’s! Unless the owner is a daddy long legs :roll_eyes:

I am a tall mofo. 37" inseam, crotch to ground.

lol ya so am i(well 37 and a half lol)but it looks REAL dirt and if i had some extra cash i would buy it… i just bought brand new bindings for snowboarding though… damn that sucks looks really nice



my cousin is looking to start riding and he wants a really nice uni cause he things he’ll keep riding but i donno how good his cash situation is doing. i’ll check with him

Is the price still $250 + shipping? I’m in the market for a trials uni.


what kind of seats could I use how much for one?

I variety artist and I am trying to get back into unicycling for my act, a comedy wild west show. Im 200 pounds and I want a strong uni to bunny hope around on like a bucking bronco (possibly while I do rope tricks.) Also Im trying to figure out how to atach a western saddle to a uni as a seat. I was thinking since yours is with out I could buy cheeper seat to have saddle atached to some how. Also Im 6’ 1" with pretty long legs, so I dont know what size post you have or I would need - giving the saddle (western) probably adds around 3" in hight. Sorry for such a complex and confussing reply.


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this gone yet?


Is the price in American Dollars or Canadian…and how much in total to ship to ottawa …I am interested…I just have to get some money…I have like 200 right now…still selling? and wud it be good for a wee bit of street as well…cuz i already have a kh uni with profile laced to a alex dx32 rim with luna tire…and kh cut down seat…any ideas?