[FS] Profile Trials Wheelset

Hey Guys,

Just finished re-building my uni, and I have gotten rid of my old frame and stuff, and I have no need for the old wheelset. I am not too sure on a price, but here are the specs.

Luna Trials Tire- lots of thread (35)
Alex DX32 Trials Rim (55)
Profile Hub (400- including cranks)
Profile Cranks Silver
Silver Spokes (30)

(how much payed new)

This wheelset is laced and ready to ride. Just throw out a price if you are interested, and pm otherwise. I am in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. I will ship anywhere but buyer pays shipping.


p.s: pictures-how do I attach them?

I assume you got the wheelset. Hope you enjoy it, it’s a hell of a wheel.

Everyone else, BUY this friggin wheel. It’s sweeeeet.

Sry for double posting…can gilby delete the other one?..but its an amazing wheelset ben, its killer…and the one I am selling in the bomb…someone buy it…cuz I dont want it


I have closed the other thread. And someone, I will make a deal and I do not need this wheelset. I need to know how to attach pictues because I do not have a place to upload them, so I cannot attach them to the thread.


it should say “additional options” and “manage attachments” and just click that and you should be able to upload pictures. how much are you charging?

so you have the wheel but do you have your old frame or anything, just wondering. id pay… idk, i can go up to about 250 or 300 if im lucky.


I am looking for around 250 for the wheelset. Here are some pics because I figured out how to upload the pictures:


200 $ ?

ive got the money its only a question of when i can get it sent

Hey Max, Mess14951 has the first chance at getting the wheelset, but you are up next if you want it. If he falls out then you can have it.

PM me if you guys are interested