FS: Profile 170mm crank arms

Selling a pair of Profile crank arms, 170mm, used but good condition. Sprocket bolt hole has been plugged. $50. includes U.S. shipping. Pete


Would you consider including shipping to Canada for the same price?

If so, I may be intersted.

Sure. PM or email me for details.

what do you mean by “the bolt hole have been plugged”?

He plugged up the sprocket bolt hole (because these cranks arn’t only for uni’s they are for bikes aswell) with something so it doesn’t rust and/or get dirt and crap in their.

Anyway, those cranks look like they are in nice condition.

That’s right. There’s a 3/8" x 24tpi bolt that normally secures the chainwheel for a bike setup. You don’t want dirt & water on the inside of the crank, so I plug all mine with an allen set screw and silicon.

OK, I’ve had two potential buyers welsh out on these. How’s about $40. including shipping to continental U.S.?? I’d like to keep funding my new project.