FS: Polished & Drilled Airfoil Rim

Selling a prototype Airfoil that I drilled on the inside and then polished to a mirror finish. Weighs only 1075g. This is NOT an “X” rim. Asking $150. due to the uniqueness and extensive labor expended. I have shipped rims before, so it runs me about $50. on a retail UPS account, but open to suggestions for cheaper methods. Pete.




Sexiest rim ever. If you hadn’t already sold me a drilled airfoil I would be all over that.

For anyone interested in this rim. He did mine, and its awesome, I love it.

This one is probably even lighter than the new rims coming out.

really? oh man. does Darren build 36" wheels? For that matter do lbs? I need a lighter rim.

isnt the kh rim like 422g?? :thinking:

was the 1075g or whatever it was some kind of typo?

edit: :astonished: You live like 3 miles away from me! If i get this (probably not, but maybe) then screw ups haha.

My LBS did, and they did an amazing job, but some will probably charge you extra.

lpounds whats up with your new nimbus 36


Didn’t you just get a new nimbus 36" ?

Do you find it too heavy ?

Yeh I did just get a new Nimbus and no it doesn’t feel too heavy but it could def be lighter. It has the Nimbus SE rim which I am really hard pressed to find a weight for. Plus this rim is awesome and drilled! Sorry to get off topic- back to the sale.

For US$150., I’ll include shipping to anywhere in U.S.

Interested but need to wait till March

Hi there, I am very interested in this rim but I’d need to wait till the start of the new month. If it is still available then I would certainly be interested. Thanks, Chris in Davis CA

No worries. This is one of those things that the pics don’t do it justice. This rim really does look like it’s been chromed.

I’ll give you 150 USD shipped to Toronto Ontario Canada. I want this rim !

Still interested over here

I am still very interested in this rim for my (forthcoming) Hunter 36" uni.

However I can’t pay you until March 1st!

Let’s work something out, I just sent a PM to you.


Looks like Levi snapped it up.

Sorry, yeah I sent the money today…

wat ya get??? wat ya get??? wat ya get???

What did I get? …The rim that this thread was made for…

oh i thought you meant you spent the money you needed for this rim so it was back on sale…

oh oh sorry for the perceived tone then.

Looking forward to a pic of the wheel when it’s done!

Yeah of course, maybe I will include it in the write up of my upcoming qualifying ride. I am also actively pondering the option of selling my track bike and buying a geared hub. It just seams crazy, though, to sell an expensive bike for a single hub.