FS or Trade: 29" w/ custom frame

I’m looking for a 20" trials setup with a strong hub. It doesn’t have to be a complete unicycle, I already have pedals and a seat/seatpost (22.2). I might consider trading the seat and post if the trials takes a larger diameter post. Here’s the specs on the 29r.


The Black Beauty, the Rowing machine, the 8th wonder of the world!!! A custom frame built by Joe Rowing. The frame was originally designed to take a 24x3 setup and holds onto a 700x38 beautifully as well.

Salsa Delgato-X rim 36 hole.
DT Swiss 14/15 spokes
UDC hub
Bicycle Euro 150s

(2)Michelin Kevlar belted tires
(1) brand new red Kenda Cross 700x38

The seat is an alloy FMF seat post with a KH seat and a SH rail adapter… VERY nice setup.

A few pictures taken by jagur during his ownership and a thread by him on the unicycle.

How much did you want for the uni?

It appears that a transaction is already in place to get rid of this beautiful piece of machinery. If the deal goes sour then I’ll let you know. As of now though it’s in the process of being traded for a perty looking Summit.

Not sure if the previous mentioned deal will be finalized. Still up for grabs. vic check your PMs.

how much



how much would the shipping be to NS Canada… do you know?

I’d imagine $60-$80 since it’s an oversized package.

Quoted for truth.

Still available.