FS: Offers open for 5" DM Giraffe, UK

Well, it seems my previous attempt to sell my giraffe may have been
overpriced. It’s a real quality piece of kit in mint condition, but the
unicycle world has moved on, and it seems that much cheaper machines are
available these days…

It has to go, so any serious offers are now being considered:

5’ DM Giraffe
Contour Saddle
Twin Chains
Async Transmission (avoid tyre wear)

Mint condition - ridden only 3 times, indoors.
Located between Leicester, Nottingham, Derby; delivery/collection to be

Email me directly with offers or questions.



Re: FS: Offers open for 5" DM Giraffe, UK

On Tue, 29 Mar 2005, Stu Carter wrote:

> 5’ DM Giraffe

It is, of course, 5 FEET tall as the description in the body, not 5 inches
as the subject states :slight_smile: