FS: Nimbus 24" Freestyle

Nimbus II chrome frame
48 spoke Isis Hub
Red alloy rim, chrome spokes
150 Moments
Nylon Odyssey pedals
KH Freeride seat
Dirt Jumper tire

Best offer shipped from 37830

Is this still available for sale? Can you post a picture of it?


I’ll see about getting a pic up this weekend.

It looks just like the one on UDC, but with a better seat (KH), 150 Moments, and Odyssey Twisted PC’s.



is it still for sale i might be interested but would like a picture and how much $

24 uni

well hey there, As it turns out, I’m hoping to score a 24. Need to sell my retro uni. It’s gotta be worth what you might accept for yours.
Of course I Wish mine was already sold.
Guess I’ll offer something…umm…say…$100, or my retro uni in trade?
Can’t hurt to ask, Jus never know.

I’ll offer 101$.

I’m serious.

Yea Ben, I was wondering as soon as I clicked, If I should’ve pm’d it. Oh well…let the fun begin I guess…right?
no offence Big “B”…but, nice teddy.

I was kidding, I’m selling, not buying. Check my thread in here homie.

Back to 100.

And thanks, it is.

Well, though I appreciate the offer, I think I’ll hold off for something a little closer to what it’s worth.

I’d prefer to sell it locally, but not a big market in SE Tennessee.

How about $250 shipped in Cont USA? Note that shipping is probably going to run $40+, so I’m only getting $200 for the uni, that’s with a KH seat, Moments, and a DJ tire.

BTW, this is a Nimbus frame, no brake mounts, fits up to a 2.6 comfortably, a 3" tire would be a little too tight, but then it’s a freestyle/cruiser wheel set…so a narrow tire makes more sense.

I’d part it out if someone just wanted the wheel and frame.


if you still want to sell i may buy it

Bunch of funny guys, no doubt.

No one wants it for $250?

Has a KH adjustable seat post also :slight_smile:

Oh well, I guess I’ll just keep it. It can always see service as a jousting uni or for teaching :slight_smile:

That $150 offer is from a local rider. You wouldn’t have to ship it. Sounds like a deal to me.

i do to

Well, $150 is a nice offer, but still not what it’s worth, so like I said, I think I’ll just keep it for now. Also, my wife has decided to learn while my son is away at camp, so who knows, it may become her uni :0

Hey Kevin, been out riding?

Give me a hollar some time, we can go ride muni or take the 36ers out to North Boundary.


I’ve ridden almost everyday this summer. I won’t have as much time now that school is starting, but I hope to still ride as much as possible. Here’s the greenways I mapped with my GPS in and around Knoxville.