FS:Moment Cranks/Large Marge -- USA

I posted these before with some other stuff. This is what I have left to get rid of. Try these prices on for size.

Up for grabs, is:

A set of 165mm KH Moment cranks. Only used a few times. …$50.00
And a Surly Large Marge 24" rim. Also only slightly used. …$75.00

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Both are in perfect condition. Just didn’t work out for me.


Picture 54.png

Picture 47.png

Picture 49.png

Picture 50.png

Picture 51.png

Picture 52.png

Picture 53.png

I am donating 20% of this sale to unicyclist.com. Help me help you help Gilby.

I may be interested in the moments, haven’t decided what muni I’ll buy yet.

How much would it cost to ship the moments to New Zealand?

i may also be interested in the moments./
how much would the cost including postage
to AUS??
in AU $$

I cant imagine shipping to those places form the US would save you any money.