FS: Learner/Crusing Unicycle

I am selling my Yellow learner/crusing unicycle.

Frame - Nimbus Rounded Crown Yellow
Saddle - No Name with custom cover (Navy with yellow bumpers) NO HANDLE
Seatpost -Stock Quax Post 25.4
Wheel - Torker CX (Rim is about 1 or 2mm out of true, you dont feel anything)
Pedals - Just plain plastic pedals, good condition

The whole thing is in very good condition, nothing is bent except the wheel which is only 1 or 2 mm out of true, so you dont feel anything. Great for anyone who wants to just ride or mess around.

Ive had it since August 2007 and the frame cost me $25.00 and the wheel cost me $47.00 and then I had to pay shipping and I already had the post and pedals and saddle.

I am asking $75 OBO and you pay shipping. :slight_smile:

You can send me a private message or email me at isaac.steiner@yahoo.ca


Just to clarify for those unsure, its a 20" wheel.

yes i forgot to mention that, thank you

How much would shipping be to central Illinois? 61820?
My friend wants to learn, and she wanted to know what the full price would be.

It would be $103.51 as the full price…so $28.51 for shipping…

Ive got someone else who is intrested so…Just wait until I hear back from them.


Mmkay, thanks. I don’t think she’s got that much cash anyway right now.
Thanks though