FS: Koxx XTP frame (new condition) with Profile hub. UK ONLY!

Selling on behalf of a friend:

If anyone would like to buy this deal, then reply here and send a PM to this account. Pictures will be up soon.


He miscalculated, £360 retail - £130 deal price= £230 saving!

count me in:D

thats a sweet deal. Question is… did hodges even as so much touch it? and you shouldnt bash XTP’s and then try sell one :stuck_out_tongue: should have bashed it the next day!

No it’s not Joe Hodges’, and he hasn’t even touched it.

sold now anyway

Is the frame still for sale?

I figured he might sell it now…to america
dude we are the only ones on right now.

dude he specificly said UK only

but. its been awile.
he might be desperate. i would pay shipping.


wow!!! i looked but i didnt even see that… sorry.
im really sorry. i didnt se that…wow. im blind and reatareted

Blind, obviously not. Retarded… quite possibly.

sniff sniff I smell a signature quote.

You aren’t retarded, you just need to pay a little more attention and not be so quick to post without looking first.

okay. thanks brian.

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Now Now kiddies, let’s keep the energy positive

Just a little announcement. I’ll be conducting a deal of similar magnitude at some point soon i think. Getting back into biketrials after injury just makes unitrials stale and pale in comparison, haven’t really ridden The Ti in a while…

I won’t sell the frame, but all the other parts may well up for grabs soon…

Profile wheel with brand new cranks, KH street saddle (immaculate), new Try-All post, Koxx clamp, DMR V8s, newish Tryall tyre… get in there

Well, if you ever decide to sell the frame, let me know.