FS: Koxx-One Devil 20"

Hey guys I have a Koxx-One Devil, 20" with 350mm TryAll Seatpost (upgrade) and a K1 Gator Skin seat (also upgrade). It has a fat TryAll Stiky tire on it.

The whole ride is in excellent condition. I got it to learn on, played on it for a good while, loved it, but just haven’t been riding at all and want to sell it. It’s an excellent uni.

I paid $400 straight from Renegade Juggling, but I see they have them on sale for $300 now. so how about $275?

This is a black uni with white rim (black spokes), black k1 cranks (140mm), white pedals, black seat post (white neck cap, where you tighten the seat). It is a fine looking ride, I guarantee you will be happy. Very minimally scratched, I’m a sissy so it has just been kicked down, never suffered major crashing.

Email for some photos. I live in Las Vegas, willing to figure out a shipping situation…