FS: Koxx ISIS wheelsets. (3 of them!) UK only

Ok, 3 koxx isis wheelsets for sale, all the same type of build. Koxx drilled rims built onto Koxx ISIS hubs. CRANKS NOT INCLUDED

Silver rim’d wheel- £45 posted

Fluo yellow rim’d wheel- £55 posted

Gold rim’d wheel- £45 posted

oooooooooo floro

You definitely don’t wanna ship that silverwheelset to usa huh?

WOW! those are amazing offers, if i had any money i would take you up on the fluorescent yellow one but i dont :(. im sure they will sell very quickly however. Just so everybody else who looks at this thread knows, are these used or brand new? or what?

i might be intrested in the Fluo yellow rim’d wheel.

iff your parting it out ill take the yellow rim for say £30

fluo yellow wheel provisionally sold to mark coleshill.

yes they are all second hand wheels, they need a bit of trueing, but that’s no problem.

Keep the bids coming. PM me

silver wheel provisionally sold to brendan.

Only the gold one left now.

hi man
i would really like to buy set if it is still available, what sort of condition are they in (can you post photos) and how would you want paying would you drop me an email on onewheelsam@yahoo.co.uk

never post you email like that on the internet with out expecting a huge amount of spam. It’s tempting to get another wheel set if your still selling them but I don’t have the money