FS: Kooka 175 cranks limited edition

Here’s a pair of 175mm Kooka cranks, used but in good condition, with a very limited edition multi-color anodized finish. I just bought these on eBay for Purple Phaze, but the pedal ends of these cranks are actually pinkish & not purple as represented to me, and I never clash my uni colors. The axle ends are a dark color almost black, with randomly-interspersed gold and green art paint style trim. The square tapers are excellent. The spider is included, which has threads for 110BCD, 74BCD, and 58BCD. The only problem is that my seller installed a bolt to hold down the spider that wasn’t the correct thread pattern, but I’ll include a bolt that will still secure the spider if you wish. I’d like to get back the $125. plus shipping that I paid for them, it’s a fair price for these rare cranks.
Pete Perron


here’s the insides:


1 word.

barfable. :slight_smile:

Those are the nicest looking cranks I have ever seen.

If there’s any group famous for lack of consensus, it’s gotta be unicyclists! :slight_smile:
Just thought I’d try for a quick sale before eBay, al’a jagur.

Auction ends June 4 on eBay: