[FS]KH20" + KH24"DH Canada

Dear unicyclists,

I have read your forums for over two years. Lots of interesting topics here and there through the murk. I am upgrading to a Nimbus 36" coker, and I already have a KH07 M-uni. I do not need these two unicycles, and I would like to send them to a new home.

KH20" 06:
Barely used. Frame and cranks are in immaculate condition. I have not even worn out the original tire. Spokes are all tight, wheel is true. I tried street/ trials and it wasn’t my thing.
$420CAN OBO? (Brand new was 560CAN)

KH24" 06:
Used more. Comes with a BRAND NEW 24" Duro Leopard tire. Uni also comes with a Magura brake. It is in very good condition, except for slightly bent cranks.
$450CAN OBO?

I need these unis out of precious garage space. If you are interested, PM me.
I will consider all serious offers.


are you willing to sell just the 06 20" frame?
ill buy it for 60 bucks in american money adn ill pay shipping.


Sorry, but a KH frame new is $200US. I don’t want to be left with anything also.

does the KH 24 have 150 or 165 mm cranks?

I think you will have much better luck selling them if you post pictures.

where are you?

i’m sort of interested in the 24"but it would require some serious saving
back to the title, where do you live cause i don’t really want to pay much shipping. I have two more questions what size are the cranks and what break is on it?

thanks jim

Dropped the price down to $350 for both.

I would like to keep my magura brake for my nimbus.
Pictures will be up shortly.

Wait 350 per uni right
when i first read that i was amazed and wished i had cash