FS: Intense 24x3.0 DH tube & rim strip

Intense 24" x 3.0" downhill tube, new & unused. Also a KH rim strip for 24" rims, 42mm wide will fit just about any rim except a Surly.

$10. will include shipping to U.S. International will have to be more to cover the cost. PM if interested. Pete


Gazz 24x3

Throwing in a slightly used Gazzalodi 24 x 3.0 tire, now $25. for the tire, tube, and rim strip. Is that better?


I’m certainly interested. Is that including shipping? Also, would you be willing to sell just the tire?

PM sent…

Do PMs override posting in the actual thread? Because I’d like to buy it also, I was just curious about the questions asked.

Miles can have it, never mind.


um, I had actually sent him a PM before you replied, but hadn’t posted in the thread.

I probably should have said that.


The tire package is now sold. Thanks.

PS: Next up will be a complete Surly Conundrum 24" Muni with LM, Gazz, KH Moment & Freeride, and Magura with custom lever. I’m just not into Muni anymore, and will post the ad and photos tomorrow.

Funny, im looking to buy a muni, so hopefully this is in my price range.