FS if anyone wants it: Kenda Kollosal DH tire 24X2.6

Well I have this brand new ‘Kenda Kollosal DH tire 24X2.6’ tire lying around, and I don’t think I’ll ever use it, so if anyone wants it you can have it, $10 you pay shipping.

It’s a great muni tire for unicycles that won’t take wider tires, or if your looking for a semi-light muni tire. I can get pics later if you want… it’s pretty knobby, I’ve heard it used to be a popular muni tire before they started using the big 3" tires.

Oh, and I have it in either normal or ‘Stick-E’ rubber versions.

This is the size of my MUni tire and the one I have is scraped pretty bad on the sidewall.

Does this tire require the heavy duty inner tube?

No it doesn’t. I rode it with a standard tube with 4+ patches, and it was fine.

If you can get a picture of the tread design, it would be appreciated.

In shipping a tire like that, you don’t fold it do you?

No hurry on the pics since my tire still works.


I sent you a PM!

Okay, here’s some crappy pics I took.

Oh, email is unicycling-at-hughes-dot-net


Thanks for posting the pictures. It looks like a meaty tire! If it is still available, I would like to buy it.

Yes, it is still available…

By that I mean I rode a different one of the same tire.:o

ill take it what approximately it shipping?

Sorry, it’s already (almost) sold.