{FS} High End Trials Uni.

Trials uni for sale.


  • 145mm profile cranks, with hub 48 splines. Not bent in the slightest, in good working order but scratched everywhere.
  • 19" try-all rim, red. Slightly bent in places, but easily rideable.
  • DT Swiss spokes, brass nipples. All spokes are tightened good. I have three spair spokes that I will chuck in for those pesky occasions. (I’ve replaced one so far).
  • KH 06 frame. Dings and scratches.
  • Koxxone red double bolt seat clamp.
  • 19" Monty eagle claw, good life left.
  • Comes with random alluminum welgo pedals, used since this August.

Assembly does not come with inner tube, seat, or seatpost.

Old photos:

All you would need is a seatpost and seat and you have yourself one nice spanking uni.
I am selling this all together unless two people part it out. I do not want to be left with bits and pieces.

All in CAD$
Asking $500 OBO. $400 OBO for wheelset and clamp, $100 OBO for frame.
You pay for shipping. PM me for serious offers. If you are outside of Canada, we can figure something out.

If you are concerned about the weight of the profiles, don’t be. UDC weighed the profile crankset at around 1250grams. The KH crankset is around the same.

Quoted from http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=362141.

woah that is spanky uni, y u selling it dude? damn i live in canada but got no money at the mo.

whoa why you selling it? Upgrading even more? Or quiting?

I need cash. I’m not quitting don’t worry.

Okay good…Well i cant buy because I just got a new uni…But hopefully you sell

I have ridden this unicycle, and I can attest to it being very solid and in good working order.

man your selling it! ah well, i can for sure say this uni is so awesome! sooooooooo light. I loved it, dannis awesome too, later calgary! videos are up man:)

whay arent you selling it whole??? (seat and saet post)


I like my seat and seatpost.

u saving up for a triton sponge frame then? i gues?

thants the part i want most. its a sweet setup!


I’m interested in buying just the frame for $100.
I will keep posting in more detail if I become Serius about buying it.


if he falls through on the frame, PM me

I have three people who want the frame so far.
I will sell it to whoever when the wheel is sold. I’m still riding it you see.

dude i love that uni
i would buy it except i already have a profile trials uni, and cant justify getting another trials uni. and not sure i have the money for it and i need it for my freestyle wheelset

is it an eagle claw or a CC that comes w/ the uni, cause its a CC in the pic?

How is the eagle claw? Because of its larger girth, does it fold easier than a CC, or is that not a problem when its mounted a KH rim, or on a rim with similar width?

I have difficulty folding this tire. I like it more than the CC as it doesn’t freeze as bad.

These are old pics.

are you going to be selling the frame anytime soon (:))

As soon as the wheel is sold. Tell people about this deal and then you can have your frame. (I think you’re third though).

This is OBO. Tell me what you got.