FS: Giraffe Frame

Sorry to start so many threads I’m cleaning up my uni closet and keep finding random things. I know nothing about it other than its blue and at one time was in Jerry’s Bike Shop. I think it is a 6 foot frame. I got it off ebay with the intention of building it up, but never got around to it and now I am moving, so I figured I would try to get rid of it. Its got cranks and a cog. I never rode it but it appears to be in good condition.

I would go for $50 buyer pays shipping.


Here’s a couple pics:


in 000_307 and 000_311 it sort of looks like a person.

dibs…I will send you a PM in the next day or two.

Hey, I sent you a PM about this frame. I am interested if you still want to sell it.