FS: Gemcrest carbon fiber seat base

For Sale: a new Gemcest brand carbon fiber seat base. These are the ones made by Roger Davies and sold by UDC. Brand new and undrilled, resin smooth on the bottom and rough on the top. Same shape as a Miyata base. UDC sells for $79. $60. plus shipping. Money order or Paypal direct account transfer.


Good deal…wish I could spend it.

I’ll take it. Email sent.

Wow, that went fast.

As an FYI, you can use that Miyata style base with a Fusion saddle if you want. That’s how I have my current Coker saddle. The Fusion foam and seat cover will fit on the Miyata style CF base. The seat cover is a bit of a stretch, but it will fit. I’m using a Kinport handle. Don’t know if the KH handle will fit.

I plan to use it with my Reeder handle for my Muni. Thanks I was wondering about what cover I would use.

that would have been a good trade for my spare kh 29er rim…

well jagur if i had only known…