fs: custom airseat conversions and saddles

yeah if you have an old seat or an uncomfortable one or just want an airseat which is entirely new. im building them i can do completely new ill buy all the parts i can do kh/torker dx seats for 75ish(i have to check my prices) torker lx and mayata seats for 70 (35 bucks cheaper than udc) ill also do cf bases for both and drill to any bolt patern i can do reeder and gb4 handles too (pm me for priceing)

ill also convert existing saddles for like 20 bucks plus shipping both ways turn arount time should be like 2-3 weeks

pm me if interested

2-3 weeks build time, Great, I can make an airsaddle in 60 seconds, on the go, with just the tools in my pack.

Also, 20 bucks labor for 1 min of work, and a 3 dollar tube? Hmm…Good luck with that.

thats with shipping and all that stuff too

the price is due to my severe brokeness but i can probly drop it and turnaround will probly take less than that

and can you adjust your 3 minute airseat without takeing off the cover?

Evan your such an ass :angry: I love it:D

Yeah, just drill a hole in the base, doesn’t take long.

waht about getting the tube in?

Ok guys, I have to defend Primus on this one. He’s trying to be helpful and make a few bucks, so don’t talk him down. How long do you guys think that it will take to get something shipped to him and back? Most likely a minimum of five days, but up to seven if you’re across the country. So that’s a total of 10 to 14 days shipping, and I think he’s saying that the to time when you send it till the time you get it back it 2 to 3 weeks. So that gives him a few days to a week to convert the seat, which I would expect for a good quality conversion.

Also Evan, I doubt you can make any airseat in 60 seconds. If you want to argue with me, then either time yourself doing it, or film yourself and post it. And even if you did do it, then how could the quality be that good? Also, do you know exactly how he’s going to convert it? It’s possible that he could build his better quality seat faster than you could, but that’s completely irrelevant. He’s not even going to be making $20, but less because he’ll pay for the shipping back. Most of us on here are willing to do the work on their own, but for the few on here not willing to do it, he’s trying to help them out.

I was just responding to when he asked about adjusting it without taking off the cover. Of course you need to take the handle, bumper and cover off to put the tube in.

Whenever Evan gives a number it is usually an exaggeration, he meant it doesn’t take very long to do.

i’ve seen the airseats evan builds, there was one with teh stuff he sold to seager. it looks like he spent all of 60 seconds on it. very ghetto.

That was phils airseat.

But i bet i can make a airseat in close to 60 seconds.

If it takes that long, how is it worth it?

It might be worth it to people who don’t need it that quickly and do not have the mechanic skills to do it. After all, not all of us completely impatient. It obviously isn’t worth it to you, but it very well could be worth to those people who can’t do the work on their own. He’s not running a business or anything, or mass producing these saddles, so that’s the only reason they have to take a “long” three weeks at max.

come on if u dont like it dont buy it. I think its a good idea.

thanks to those that think im just trying to earn a few bucks and help out a couple people along the way. especialy blegas

and evan i can make bc plates with some angle iron and the tools in my room so why do you sell yours for 75bucks?

his arent angle iron.

He buys metal, and welds it himself.

metal and the price to weld isnt 75 its at most 40

Well there is time and work involved too.

60 seconds? :wink:

Better than beford if u live in the US. I heard they are stronger too. Lets stop bitching at each other and let primus do whatever he wants.