FS: both my uni's

I’m done. It was fun while it lasted.

I don’t really feel like posting pictures so just look around and you’ll find them eventually.

I’ll let both go for $350 alltogether. If not their both $200 a piece.

i dont know about the rest of us…but if you want em sold then u need to show some effort and post pics…im relly interestered…but IM to lazy to search around for ur pics…so post em.

How come your done? I won’t be done until unicycling destroys my prostate.

oh yeah I forgot. One of the uni’s is my profile pictures so go head and peep that out.

how much for shipping to 35749?

Pretty damn good deal!

I’ll give you 200 shipped to Toronto for the Koxx (green and gold koxx… not sure what the other uni is) if the setup is the same as in picture

Are those 137s?


Sure I will give you $300 for both your unicycles as long as the Koxx is still in the shape it is in in the pic.

If you can get it to me in a month it should be shipped to S6V-1R4
If it can’t get here that fast then it should be shipped to S0K-0S0 or S0j-2J0

what is your other unicycle?

I searched your member album in the gallery and only saw the the Koxx

seeing as this was posted on April 1st and this deal is just incredible…

Eric! Probably better anyway… I can’t really afford it right now. But enlighten me because I haven’t been into trials for about 2 years… 200 for the Koxx is an unheard of deal if it is still in good shape no?

Edit: ah you are probably right zfreak

Hey UniSLAB where do you live? (what time zone)

Just looked through “Post Your Unis Here!” he has posted his Koxx but nothing else.

you do realize that april fools is supposed to end at noon right?

i am interested in both.

Guys, as someone hinted before. Its april fools. Theres no way he would let those go so cheap.

Damn, I was totally game for buying myself a little “end of leg rehab and healing” treat.

A totally cheap koxx would’ve been great, fuckin’ april fools.

Damn you boys got WORKED!

April FOoLS!!!


Nice one mate, it got me for a few minutes

yeah I was reading your posts and by the way you were talking it did not sound like you wanted to quit anytime soon.

scared me for a sec there…what would happen to all the ft worth rides if you did quit?! :astonished: