FS- bmx uni

primo commet tire, primo ballance rim, kh momment hub, white spokes, Qu-ax freestyle cranks, some random seat, and a steel frame. primo tenderizer pedals

pics dont work man

They work in his other thread he has for the KH24 he’s selling… look there :stuck_out_tongue:

they do now haha sorry about that

Why are you selling?

I dont ride it. I dont ride my muni or this one, so I’m selling them and keeping my trials

sell it for 200. you pay shipping

would you part out just the wheel set?

how much? I’d say like 180, the frame and seat are worth almost nothing

ya why


Boy looks awesome. You dont happen to want to trade for a 29"??


no… I need the cash

Okay sorry, I dont have money. Otherwise I would be very intrested.

Good luck!


thanks. Hopefully someone will buy it soon

200 shipped in canada?

could a mod delete this thread? the uni is sold.

Lock the thread by going into thread tools at the top right of the page.

k thanks