FS: 6 Foot Giraffe Savage- Reinforced

Hi all,
I am selling my Savage 6’ giraffe. First USD$160 takes it. Pictures are

This is a nicely-used Savage Giraffe (6’) unicycle, with the following
-The legs are reinforced with steel bar.

-The sprocket welds on the wheel have been beefed up.

-Cheesy plastic pedals replaced with Wellgo platform pedals.

-Painful Savage seat replaced with Miyata seat (see below)

-I added a barber-pole design with reflective tape.

Savage giraffes are reasonably priced for what you get. Their chief problem
lies in the strength of the frame and comfort of seat. I’ve remedied these,
with solid reinforcement and a good seat. The Miyata seat does have some
issues (crack in base and handle, 1" scratch in rear side cover), but is
great for riding. I include the unused original seat, too. This is a
perfect for someone who wants to get a nice giraffe that won’t fall apart,
or look like a noodle when you rough it up a bit.

I live near Vancouver, BC. and can deliver this for free to NAUCC/UNICON, or
anywhere near Seattle when I head down there. Otherwise, it weighs 18 lbs.
and should be in the 20-30 dollar range, depending on distance. Thanks for


mannyleblanc101@hotmail.com (Question? Need more pics? Let me know.)