FS: 36" Radial 360 on eBay (in US)

come on Sunday, get here already so i can win this uni.

i would have paid up to $315 for that. I’ve been wanting one for ever and now i will have one. (I was the winning bidder!)

What happen to bidding at the last millisecond? It still had 10 minutes left when you bid.:stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, and enjoy it!

I didn’t bid at all. I was at work and had my dad bid for me.

So Steve, I’m curious.

If you had known what you know now about selling a 36er on Ebay, would you still have done it?

Do you think you would have gotten more or less on the Trading Post alone?

The selling price seems pretty reasonable for both the buyer and the seller in this case.

I love eBaying stuff and watching the price go up. I would have done the same thing, but stated a shipping price of $90 or $100. Of course, in that case, the selling price may not have reached $290.

Truth is, though, I offered this wheel to a local uni-rider for $200, but he decided against it.

Ah neat. I think I will apply for a credit card and begin ebaying.

Hey Tyler - have you tried this uni out yet? It was delivered on Friday 7/25, right?

yes. I love it. It is so worth what i paid. Did my dad send you the extra money yet? I have been trying to get him to.

See your PMs.

Glad you’re enjoying it, and had no probs reassembling it.

So have you tried the 125s yet?