FS: 29" Nimbus Oracle -- new

SOLD. Thanks group!

Bought this last week, rode it twice, my aging knees haven’t stopped complaining since. Such is life…
Comes with upgraded VCX+ cranks and air saddle. Paid $775 with upgrades, asking $525 for what is essentially a new uni. P
lease see Craigslist link below for pics and other details.
Located in Blacksburg, VA, near Roanoke.
Can ship CONUS for ~$50

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Woah you live in Blacksburg. I am in Lebanon VA. My wife works in Blacksburg and met a unicyclist named Eric on a trail there. He was riding a blue Oracle I believe.

Anyways this is a great deal. Best of luck with finding a new owner.

Hi Ryan,
How cool is that! Wow, small world. So you’re down by Abingdon, right? We live a beautiful area don’t we?
Thanks for the well wishes and thanks for reaching out!

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We do live in a beautiful area! Did you by chance contact the unicycle club at VA Tech? Might be a good way to find a buyer.

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