FS: 26" Yuni Journeyman

A friend of mine is selling her (VERY) lightly used unicycle. I think this is a recently retired version of the 26" Yuni Journeyman, but I’m not 100% positive, as she doesn’t remember what model she has. But she does have a few pictures that I’ll put up as soon as possible.

She paid around $150 for it and is looking to get at least $75 for it. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

(Pictures coming soon)

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Here’s a link to a facebook photo album with pictures of the unicycle. I hope the link works. If anyone can successfully view the photos and wants to post them in this thread, go for it. I have no idea how to post pics on here.

Ill do you one as a favour.

friend of mine is very interested but I can’t be 100% until he gives me cash. He should get it to me in a few days.

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Just keep me informed. I’ll be checking this thread often. Or send me a PM. Either way…

ill let you know. If someone else has the cash sell it to them but if he gets me money in a few days then I will let you know.

I’m interested in the 26" Yuni. It is in my price range right now. Nimbus Muni 26" is what I want eventually, but this will get me a better ride than my 70s schwinn 20". What would it cost to ship it to Fort Collins, Colorado.


I’m not sure of shipping costs, what with varying weights and sizes (it’s not my uni, so I’m not sure of all the specs). Anyone want to venture a guess on ship cost from West Lafayette, IN to Fort Collins, CO?


That’s a friggin’ steal.

final price $110 with shipping. can’t wait to semi-retire my schwinn that is about as old as I am +/- 2 years. And be able to get some more speed.