FS: 24" nimbus II

asking $100…may settle for less.

Chrome frame
blue 24" rim
48 spoke wide hub wheel (square taper)
125mm crank arms
plastic pedals
24" hookworm tire
Single bolt seat post clamp
Purchased in February 2007 for $190

Seat is old and could use replaced. (Pictures show a different seat than what is on it.)

selling it so I can get an off road cycle

AIM: TheLegendofMouse
PM me here
call 765 409 8649

Saving for a KH-24 eh mouse? :wink:

Bump de bump da bump.

sounds like you know me from somewhere…lol

but yes, thats exactly what I’m going for

I guess it was a good guess then, I already have mine :stuck_out_tongue:

I am interested in this. I have one already, and thought about geting another one to put a muni tire on it.

cool. 70 + shipping. just let me know in a PM if you end up going with it and I’ll box it up :stuck_out_tongue:

sold thx