[FS] 24" Kris Holm with '08 wheelset

Item: 24" Kris Holm with 2008 KH moment wheelset, other specs at the bottom of this post
Location: Netherlands, Europe
Condition: As good as new, few scratches on the frame
Price: 300 euros (new: 429,00)


Qu-ax saddle, foam
CrMo 27.2mm seat post
Koxx seat post clamp
KH 2006 frame
Onza 2008 limited edition ISIS hub
KH Moment cranks 150mm
BMX type pedals
DH champion spokes
KH 2008 rim
Duro Wildlife 24x3.0" tire

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Mmm, they were working this morning, but here’s the links:

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how much is that in £ and for p&p?

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strange on the dutch forum.eenwiel.nl the pictures are working

300 euros is 223.44 britisch pounds
and 435.39 american dollars

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What is the difference between the 07 and 08 kh wheelset?

theres none, some call it 07, some call it 08… even though they were released in 2007 :roll_eyes:

top speed, fuel efficentcy, horse power?