FS: 20" BC with GB4 plates

14mm axle, mongoose hub, alex rim, 48 spoke, radially laced. Hardly used, with or without brand new orange/grey hookworm tire. GB4 plates, slightly used.

Asking for $80 w/ tire, $65 without tire, plus shipping.

Radial lacing is stupid and weak.


For a BC wheel it doesn’t matter, since no radial torque is transmitted. It might also be stronger, but don’t quote me on that.

I am interested, but I don’t like the radial spokes. There are 48 spokes as well, so the weight lost by doing radial is the same as 36 normal. No offense, but a pretty dumb set up. Why is ductape on the side of the plates?

Just to keep them from getting all scratched up, and to provide some sort of grip. I didn’t put it on, that’s how I bought em.

radial spoking is fine if your not applying torque to the wheel, which you dont on a BC. radial spoking by fair looks the best.


Good luck selling it.

if i wanted a BC wheel and was in america i would get that before any other bc.

it looks friggen sweet as with the radial spoking, and has a nice set up. AND its only 80 bucks !

i mean 80 bucks come on, you could find that in your house if you look under all the couches and asked your mum for 10 bucks.

whoever gets it has got a great deal

PM sent.

Yeah I agree that it looks pretty sweet, also for me and many other people it wouldn’t really matter how its radialy or three cross or whatever because we aren’t doing crazy 5 foot drops or anything on them.

I still don’t think it matters, you aren’t putting torque on it.

personally its an awesome deal and i really wish i lived in the states right now… Or had an address there

how much would u charge for shipping to UK???

not joking if u can find out and theres not allready a buyer that woudl be cool. i’m really tempted even if shipping is half or more than the price…


who bought it?
i should be getting my plates soon so i will have a nice bc.

a.hollow bought it

he didn’t need luck.

the wheel practically sold itself.