I’m now practicing doing a 180 unispin while riding, off crates and up them. I’ve mastered while riding. Now I’m practicing hopping off them. I’m having so much trouble and easily getting frustrated and I feel like I’m wasting time. Why should I even learn to do this? (well I guess for stair sets and stuff). And for going up stuff, that seems pointless…I’m just following sp4rky-m4rkys tutorial. Great tutorial but I’m just wondering why you should even know how to hop up a crate. I guess I’m saying this maybe because I’m frustrated and all and expecting to learn these in a short time…

Learn whatever you think is fun to learn… do you mean you are trying to unispin off pallets? and up them? because the point to that is it looks cool.
and yeah practicing for stair sets.
Is your rim munted?

lol Why do anything up or down stuff? It’s all for fun, to add difficulty and to look cooler. But if you’ve tried heaps and are just getting frustrated you may as well stop trying for a while. Once you can unispin consistently 180 unispin onto a pallet should be easy but if you’ve jus learnt them it’s much harder.

lol And he needs to straighten his seat.

…and also learn to title your threads. After 500+ posts it should be obvious by now. In your case, something like “Frustration with learning to do a 180 unispin while riding off things.”

Some hours after making this thread, I went out to practice.

Mastered them. No Frustration


Now I guess I just go onto hopping up a pallet…