Okay. I’ve been working hard for several weeks trying to learn to ride. I’m making some progress but not near what I would like to be. Then yesterday my 22 year old son comes over for lunch. After lunch we went out to ride. He decided to try it. In 5 minutes he was riding farther than I did after 2 weeks. In 20 minutes he made a ride of about 25 feet. In 30 minutes he was free mounting, sitting there perfectly balanced on the uni, and then taking off.

I’ve been really working at it and trying to learn and he comes over and in 30 minutes is better than I am and I’ve been trying for 4 weeks now and have put in hours of practice. I’m happy that he’s taking an interest and I hope he keeps it up but it’s just frustrating to see that happen when I’m not making much progress and am just not “getting it.”

But on the bright side, I did make my first short term goal yesterday of going from my garage across the paved portion of my driveway to the gravel portion, about 30 feet. The next goal is to go the width from the house to the dirt which is 50 feet. I just think that I should be farther along with all the time I’ve been putting into it.

Different people learn at different speeds.
Younglings always seem to take no time at all to learn.
Don’t be disheartened.
Keep plugging.
Took me about a month to get the length of a tennis court.

You’ll get there.

Ha, that would be frustrating… but your son picked it up incredibly fast. Good news is now you have someone help you learn to ride a unicycle. Bet you weren’t thinking of that almost 23 years ago .

Being part of the older crowd, your fighting more obstacles than your son, maybe you’ve been behind a desk for 20 years, your muscles build slower, your responsibilities force you to shy away from the risk of a falling injury, and you know pain. Oops, wait I am trying to encourage you… wear protection and you’ll be fine.

The good news, I’ve been complaining about my progress lately, and have been researching what can be expected of men even older than you, there is plenty of good news. You can and will make progress. Don’t be stressed, do sleep well, and if unicycling gets you tired take a day to rest in between.

Sounds like you are well on your way! Have fun.

best thing that helped me was play listen to music don’t get angry dont call it PRACTICE ride for FUN
by the way push your knees together to stay straight lean foward to move forward faster and back to stop… keep at it bud you can and will get it just takes time:)

Charles, can you make a short video of you riding? It would help if we could see how you’re riding, and then pinpoint the trouble spots and offer suggestions. :slight_smile:

No. I don’t have a video camera. I would like to have one and chronicle my learning process on video. Anybody got any good suggestions on an inexpensive one, easy to use and download, etc., I would love to hear it.

well, if you have a pc running xp or vista, then canon would be a good choice. Plus you would automatically have windows movie maker which comes standard with xp/vista. I have the canon zr-700 (Discontinued now) and it has everything I need and is small and compact. All you would need is a firewire cable to upload footage to your pc. I much prefer this over a usb cable, because the firewire let’s you control all camera functions from movie maker.



Actually, I have a Mac with their movie program.

So any firewire / IEEE 1384 / iLink camera will be fine. It’s the case for all MiniDV cameras. Just plug it on the Mac and iMovie will launch.

I think DVD or Hard-Drive cameras often lack firewire plug and force you to plug it via USB, and sometimes you have to install special software (codecs) to be able to view your movies. In this case, movies are compressed a lot and a bit more difficult to use with movie editing software.

If you want something simple, cheap and with a good picture, just buy any MiniDV cam.

You can also look at any digital camera you might have–most include a movie mode. Heck, my cell phone can shoot video (and it’s just a plain no-frills Nokia). It doesn’t have to be fancy or anything for us to get a sense of how your progress is coming along.

But don’t give up. <political swipe>Only entities like the federal government believe that every person should learn at exactly the same time and in exactly the same way.</political swipe>

Tulsa, your rate of progress seems fine. Older people just take more time to learn. Your son’s learning, on the other hand, seems unusually fast. But people learn at vastly different rates anyway.

Incidentally, I learned to ride at age 47 too. It took me 20 solid hours of practice to ride 50 m.

On my website there is an Excel spreadsheet that estimates the time you will need to learn, based on age, gender and some other stuff. There is also a comprehensive description in pdf format of how to learn the basics, “Learning to unicycle”, which is a free download. For both, click “Tips for beginners”.

Have fun!

I learned about exactly a year ago, when I was 15. I still haven’t hit my prime, while conversely you’ve passed yours. I actually learned at about the rate you described.

Obviously someone who is about twenty is going learn much faster than some like you or me.

I took me about 3 hours to get where I could go about 1/2 mile. I learned @ 20 minuetes at a time. I didn’t rush it. My 16 year son got there in about 1/2 the time. He started about 3 weeks after me. He’s got great skills, he can idle and can whip out some serious tight turns. but I can still out hop and out drop him all day long. I’ve also got him covered on riding skinnies. He’s faster then me in the woods, but I can ride over more stuff ( log piles, jumps etc.) than him. We used to ride bikes together some, but that didn’t last too long, he didn’t have the endurance his old man had. The Unicycles seemed to have level the playing field for us. By him a Uni of his own and enjoy riding with him.

Gee thanks.:slight_smile:

I do have a digital camera that will take a short vid. I just need to find the owners manual and figure out how. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll get to working on that and try to get a video up in the next week to see if you guys can give me some pointers.

This might not help, but I’ll say it anyway. One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen new riders do is hold the seat after you’ve started. When my cousin was learning, he was getting about 3 feet max. and when we told him to let go of the seat, he went over 10 feet the very next try! I don’t know if you do hold the seat, but it’s a suggestion to all new riders.

Hello Tulsa
Have you seen this thread: Slowest learners? ?
Just to tell you, that other people have similar experiences - :wink:

Sounds fine! Just continue! :slight_smile:

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