Frustrated, then BINGO

Practicing my backwards in front of the house, I got to where I consistently can ride 10-15 feet. Then suddenly I could only go 6-8 feet!!! Circumstance dictated that I had to quit that session on a low note (which I try to avoid).

I then rode (the same 24") some 2 miles of neighborhood streets to meet some buddies. They asked “can you ride backwards?” Sheepishly I gave er a go and confidently rode backwards some 30-40 feet (to my amazement) ending in a well executed idle, then forwards back to them!

Apparently time in the saddle helps.


welcome to the wonderfull world of the learning curve, learning plateau, learning curve, learning plateau…


Re: Frustrated, then BINGO

Nice job. This is much better than the alternative wherein you seemingly master a skill and then botch it when demonstrating it to others.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I think we learn between practice sessions. It takes time for our brains and bodies process all that information. You practice some new skill – which feeds your brain input. Then when you stop practicing, your brain continues to work on the problem.

This is how it seemed to work for me when I was learning to ride.

In your case, while you were riding the two miles (forward), your brain was still figuring out all the intricacies of going the other way. Then, voilà! Impress your friends.

uni57 (Dave)

This is absolutely true. Your brain and body process their input when their owner isn’t around to make them do other things. I doubt the 2 mile ride actually had that effect, but maybe you are just a real show off. Good for you. I wish I could learn that one.

I practice new skills in secrecy and then nonchalantly and casually demonstrate my new riding skills in front of Mr. IUnicycle when he least expects it. He only thinks I learn skills in my sleep.

Of course these comments are just part and parcel of John’s secretive and deceptive methods. He knows I am easily confused. As soon as he senses I am beginning to figure things out, he comes up with something like this. Such is the way of the Master. :slight_smile:

Who said “It’s not bragging if you can do it”? Yogi?

If they had asked me to do it again, I’d have surely wiped out in 6-8 feet.

I learned long ago that if something works, quit immediately and your “way cool” status will linger. Too many times I’ve proven them wrong too soon.

Perception is “Reality”. :sunglasses:

Re: Frustrated, then BINGO

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Memphis Mud <> wrote:
)Who said “It’s not bragging if you can do it”? Yogi?

Dizzy Dean.

Dizzy, eh?

The other end of the pitch.

Such philosophers those ball players.