FRUG(front range unicycle group) Colorado

For all you colorado people, My freind started a yahoo group for all colorado riders. So please join. It’s mainly to share ride pics, videos, and to organize rides.

kewl idea
for all their (many) ills, Yahoo Groups makes it really easy to use all the group-communication and ‘file-sharing’ functionality without having to go thru the ‘hassle’ of figuring how to run your own website

THis is my neck of the woods so I’m already in, with introductory posting. I hope more Coloradians joins as well.

Re: FRUG(front range unicycle group) Colorado


I wonder if anyone knows if I can participate in FRUG via email
instead of the web. I see mailing list addresses
(, etc.) - are there instructions for
using these anywhere?


Any other coloradan unicyclists you know, plese ask them to join the group.

Re: Re: FRUG(front range unicycle group) Colorado

yes and yes
i think the info is at the group itself tho
ask the owner of the group to send u an invite to join via email
then u’ll receive all messages posted to the group and u’ll be able to reply u just won’t have access to pic and videos