Frozen Soggy

Heres a video that I filmed on Thursday. A very cold, beautiful day with 40 cm of fluffy snow on the ground; it had a lot of potential for a good video to come from it. The vid doesn’t live up to its full potential, but it was a ton of fun to make and even more fun riding for it!

Your Crazy!I can’t believe you tried doing that skinny. Awesome video!

Nice one, but you used the song I wanted to use for my next vid. Ah, I will use it anyway :smiley:

Great winter riding… and it seems that attempts on that skinny were better when there was snow :slight_smile:
Some skinnies would definitely scare me out.

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Thanks for putting ing the failed attempts. Have you ever landed that skinny?

Use it, It was a very nice song to work with!

I have cleared the skinny, 8 times or so give or take a couple, but the falls far out number the clearings, as you can probably tell. The challenging is the first narrow skinny, which is still an uphill pedal, just steep enough to make it quite hard.

The ride in the snow was definitely a better ride for me. The snowless ride was very muddy, and even though the wood had grip on it, the steeper uphill parts were a little slippery.