frosty commute

The last couple of days it’s been really frosty. Riding to work is great, because the ground is hard and everything looks really beautiful. I’ve started taking my camera along with me. I took a couple of pictures so far, on here, under “Commute Pictures”.


Looks like a peacefull commute :sunglasses:

My commute pics would be of cars, cabs, buses and streets. :angry:

My old one was very much cars and stuff. I’ve got some pictures somewhere from that.

I also added an album of Blubberhouses pictures.


Re: frosty commute

Joe, either you live in the middle of nowhere, or you work in the
middle of nowhere.

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people who unicycle are shyly exhibitionistic - GILD

I can easily imagine the Wellsian Martians appearing over the horizon, looking like Daddy Longlegs until you realize how big they are…

Nice pics, Joe!

Re: Re: frosty commute

Actually, I work somewhere and live somewhere, but there’s some nowhere in the middle. If I take a long route, I can get to work with about half a mile on the road out of 6 or 7, the normal 4.5 mile route is half road and half not. It’s going to be great once it gets less muddy, as I’ve got some nice long routes with some great coker riding on, but they’re a bit muddy right now.


Re: Re: Re: frosty commute

Superb reply Joe, I’ll have to remember that one :smiley:

I’m also pretty lucky in that I live in the middle of Dartmoor and work on the edge of the moor, so I have a choice of routes available, some of which are almost entirely off-road (and most of those are legal :astonished: )

I usually ride a bike straight down the road (fastest route) but I don’t feel comfortable riding far on the open road on a unicycle - cars passing at 50mph freak me out a bit. The off-road routes aren’t much longer though (and certainly more enjoyable if time isn’t so important), and the ratio of road to trail is probably similar to Joe’s route - something like two miles of road in a ten mile trip, but half of that is VERY minor roads with only the occasional tractor.

Certainly a good place to live and work if you like cycling, however many wheels. But I’m very jealous of some of the scenery posted by the likes of AspenMike:(


Wow, living in Dartmoor must be super cool. My commute isn’t always so pretty, I bunged up some pictures from today to demonstrate.


Found a pic showing part of my normal unicycling route to work. This is part of the old railway line (Yelverton to Princetown if you’re interested in that type of thing) that was closed in the 1950s. This view is about half way between home and the bottom of the track, looking back up (I live up on the top of the hill near the mast).

There are a few more pics of the area on my wife’s website if you’re interested, at - the views of South Hessary Tor and Burator reservoir are on my alternative off-road route round the other side of the hill. Nothing showing a unicycle I’m afraid - don’t trust myself to carry a camera in case I UPD and destroy it (they’re not mine!) Perhaps I should get myself a cheap robust camera…

Here’s the pic:


Oh, of course that pic was taken in the summer - it’s a lot muddier, mistier and altogether grimmer at the moment. I don’t mind it like that though - as long as I’ve got spare clothes to change into at work :slight_smile: