Frontside v. Backside Grinds

To all who grind (and others interested),

Dan Heaton and the Canadian school of street riders appear to consistantly grind on the backside. This is seems to stem from learning to pedal grab front foot forward and hopping best to the side with the foot forward. In older threads several posters mentioned that the backside pedal grab (front foot grabs) is superior to the frontside grab.

I and several of my mates have an easier time hopping to the right although our left foot is forward. This has caused us to learn frontside pedal grabs instead. I am working on backside as well but frontside is more natural. I still am yet to see the benefit of grabbing one way or the other.

However, now I that I am grinding, I wonder if a backside grind would be any easier than a frontside grind. The frontside grinds work for me, but should I sway others to learn backside due to the ease of the path. The main advantage that I see to a backside grind is that you can keep your weight behind the pedal and still keep it over the seat without to much lean.

Does anyone have experience with grinds to both side? What are your thoughts on this? Are frontside grinds really that much harder?

I would appreciate thoughts and comments from anyone, whether you can grind or not.

  • Sal

Re: Frontside v. Backside Grinds

That’s how I do ALL my riding! :wink:

I hop with my left foot foreward, and hop towards the left. I Pedal Grab and Grind with my left foot. I think That it is way esier to pedal grab the way i do, But i d’ont think that grinding is that much different. I think it’s all what you’re used to. But for rails, i think it’s easier the way i do aswell. These are just my thoughts.

Hope that helps,



I find it easiest to hop with my left foot back and to the left. it seems logical to think that you would get a bit more grind if you grind with the foot you have back. But nearly all the movies i’ve seen of grinds they grind with there front foot. so it seems to me like it might just be personal preference and how you learn.
that just my opinion.