anyone able to do a frontflip, give me any pointers? today was my first day trying one which is this clip. and for day 2 im definitely going to a foam pit to practice a tighter roll and get more attempts without breaking my back. thanks

either do it off a bigger drop or do it seat out and fully tuck

At that height, seat out for sure. A bigger prehop would help a lot also.

I do it seat out without a pre-hop. Looks better and the takeoff is easier. It also easier (for me) to get rotation, but you don’t get as much height.

I can only frontflip without a unicycle, so take my advice with a grain of salt…

It seems like on every other vid I’ve seen of uni frontflips, the free arm is extended upwards right before the jump. In normal frontflips (ie no unicycle), this allows you to bring it in quickly, speeding up the rotation. It also looks like you might not have been totally commited to landing back on the uni, but this may just be me transposing my own tendencies on to you.

Excellent job for one of your first tries.

thanks guys! ill take these into considreation