Frontflip (On TV)

Hey guys, here is a little edit of Frontflip dismounts I made. It was filmed for TV back in March 2010.

November 2009: 2nd or 3rd time I tried it

Febuary 2010: Practicing for my routine for the National Circus Show Audition (it was my final trick in my act).

March/May 2010: Filmed in March for TV, was show on TV in May.

The March/May frontflip is part of a TV coverage of about 3 minutes interview with coolriding. If you want to check it out, just click the link and skip to 11:50. Hopefully I’ll find a way to get it on youtube.

you can try and play the whole video in fullscreen and record using fraps or something if you really want it on youtube, that’d be nice because it says that im not in the valid country to watch the video, at least i got some french practise :roll_eyes:

That’s what I did earlier today, I’m uploading it on youtube at the moment.

That looks pretty awesome! How long did it take you to learn that? Do you have any videos of your routine?

Very impressive! How long did it take you to learn that? Do you have any videos of your Circus routine?

Thanks. Hmmm, about an hour I think. But I did it gradually, jump, jump dive, jump frontflip (landed seated) than complete frontflip dismount.

What song was that at the end?
Impressive flip!

It was the same song through the whole vid, Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead.
Thank you.

looks really controlled :wink:

nice tuck with good speed on the rotation. It looks good.