Front Sumi 1 - Things not to do with a Unicycle

Well my performance went pretty bad with the music going all wrong but I continued on with the performance and did my first front summersault with the unicycle without a harness, which didnt work lol, I need more time to put on the harness and maybe then it will work.

Video of attempt going wrong :slight_smile:
I will by trying this again even though i gashed my leg on the pedal.


OUCH, you just gave me my laugh for the day. OUCH!

I would say the crowd was very entertained. :smiley: --chirokid–

it was a nice try :slight_smile:

Wow…great footage. I love the camera-person’s commentary.

Nice job having the huevos to chuck something like that…

Dang! The funny part is how quick you pop back up after the fall!

Lol aparently i scared quite a few people :slight_smile: but its worth it for a first time. I think i might be getting told to stop doing them because of safty reasons :angry: hope not, i want to do more.