Front Range Muni Weekend


I live in the mountians near Boulder, Colorado and in my opinion we have some amazing trails to ride.    Oddly,  there does not seem to be a local group of riders here, or none that I have found.  

I am wondering who, if anyone, out there would like to attend a Front Range Muni Weekend in late June or July. I have compliled a partial list of some trails close to my house, mostly ones for which I could find internet info. I could support a limited amount of accomodations at my house, we have a small house so mostly camping.

Please Post your interest and a perfered date.

Hall Ranch Trail:

Walker Ranch Trail

Heil Ranch Trail

Sourdough Trail

Picture of Camp Dick trail near my house:


How far is that from Aspen? I’ll be in the aspen area from late july to mid august…hopefully there will be nice trails there :slight_smile:


Count me in!

Late July (23-25 or 30-31) would be great for me. This would also give us some more time to plan.

Before that, I’m only 60 miles from Ward and 40 from Boulder, so lets get some weekend and evening rides going too!

That photo reminds me of how much I enjoy trail riding. Knee get better!

Count me in as well! As far as a local group of riders, there are several riders in the front range area, but we have yet to form a gang. “Hell on wheel” is taken, so we’ll have to think of something more clever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, check out the latest posts in this thread, where Jim_Rob is plannig a ride at Hall Ranch.


I wouldn’t miss it for the world, and I’m pretty sure my two riding buddies would feel the same.

That would be a fair drive. Four and a half hours from Aspen to Ward, according to Yahoo Maps. Do-able, though!


i would go, i live in colorado springs. just make sure that its not the same time as the black hills muni weekend

Hey Joel;

A Front Range weekend is a good idea, but I’m on a field project from late June to late August. The informal gathering at Hall Ranch is all I can organize this year, but I’d be glad to help out if you want to take the lead on something in late August this year. I’m planning on organizing a Yahoo Group where we can post messages and schedule rides etc., but that will have to wait until I get back.

Watch out for conflicts with other unicycle events!

The big one is NAUCC, July 13-18 in Salt Lake City. Please don’t pull Colorado-area riders away from that one, as it’s the first thime the “nationals” has been in this part of the country. Also I believe there will be daily MUni rides in the area, if Rolf Thompson and others can arrange it.

An even bigger one, but much further away, is Unicon XII, in Tokyo July 23-August 2. A lot of us are going to that.

Because I’m going to both of those, my summer travel is about shot, so I’m afraid I’d probably have to miss your weekend, this time at least. But surely Colorado is loaded with great trails, and it will be great if you can get something organized for the many riders there!

Also don’t forget (shameless plug) the California MUni Weekend, September 17-19 at Lake Tahoe!

I’m a bit south at Florence, Colorado.

I’ll be up for the meet, or just going for a ride or 3. Tonight I’ll finding out my work schedule for the next 4 months. I’ll let you know if I can make the dates.

Ed Hansen

Re: Front Range Muni Weekend

Count me in.

I would come, but I’m going back to NZ on June 18th! I did Halls Ranch today - got sunburnt, saw groundhogs (soooo cute!), and sweated buckets. A nice ride.

I hope to ride those other trails Jrutkows listed before I leave, kinda like a preview to the FRMW!


Tony, are you going to meet us at Hall Ranch this Saturday? A bunch of us will be there, so we can get in at least one big group ride before you leave. I’ll let you use some of my sunscreen. :smiley:



Alright folks,

It looks as though there is some interest, but July seems busy.

How about Aug 20-22? one month before the Cali weekend?

Comments/ Complaints ???

EEK! School starts for me back in Iowa on the 23rd so I’m probably out for that weekend.

Tony, If you can drive 3-4 hours to the mountains before you go back, I’d be glad to show you some MUni rides around Aspen. The drive alone will be impressive. Let me know. That goes for all you front range MUniacs. The high country is drying out so most high altitude riding is getting good.

As an incoming freshman I think move-in weekend might be important, I couldn’t make it.