Front Range Colorado MUni

I live in Lakewood / Green Mountain. I am looking for people to ride with. I am just now venturing onto trails. I’ve ridden Green Mountain and Bear Creek so far. I’d be psyched to hook up if you ride in the area.


Yea! Lets ride! I’m out of town right now but I’ll be back Thursday. James…you hearing this? Lets do some front range muni!

Hey Osmundo,
Sounds awesome. Where do you usually ride? Yesterday I twisted my ankle really bad. I had x-rays today, no fracture! It’s sore but I think I will be back pretty quick. Who do you ride with?

I ride with this guy…
I have ridden with James (siafired) a couple of times. I’ll PM you my phone number. Other Colorado front rangers? Sorry about the ankle, it’s pretty wet for muni this week anyway. I’m going Cokering today.

I need to start riding more again. I was just visiting in Illinois and had a blast riding the 36" with my brother. I’m planning on riding more trails again.

I live in Conifer, but I’m down in Lakewood for swim team (all 3 kids) every day. Ideal for me would be early morning rides… Bear Creek would be great.

I’m also trying to set up a first-time muni ride for a bunch of people here in the foothills. Once we pin down a date for that (hopefully be next week), I’ll let you know that too.

Buffalo Creek is a bit further away for you, but it’s a ton of fun. Let’s try and get some rides in there too.

– Agnes

That was awesome!
I assume he is your son? Chimney Gulck looks fun!

Tell me more about the 1st-time MUni thing.

the first-time muni thing…

It’s not set in stone, but tentatively this Monday the 12th at Flying J Ranch Park in Conifer, probably at about 4 or 5 in the evening. The park has a three mile loop that is a great intro trail for muni. It will most likely be a bring-your-own dinner party. There will be several people there who have ridden unis, but not on trails. I’m hoping to scrounge up enough munis so everyone can ride on a fat tire.

I’ll keep you posted. Flying J should be just about a 35 minute ride from Lakewood. If you can’t make it Monday, I’d be happy to meet you there some other time too.

Monday the 12th works great for me!
Sounds like a good time.
Let me know if it’s definitely on.

i have a couple of kids, and so I don’t get out of the Longmont/Boulder area too often. If you ever want to come up this way there are a couple of mellow XC trails. I can usually go on Monday mornings, and Friday’s.

The one that has become a favorite ride this Summer is the Picture Rock Trail in Lyons.

Its on the list!

beginner muni ride

I guess this invitation can be for anyone near enough to be interested in joining us…

My kids attended a circus skills camp two weeks ago, and we met a lot of unicyclists. There was a lot of interest in trying muni, (by kids and instructors alike), so we’re getting together this coming Monday, July 12, at 4 pm at Flying J Ranch Park in Conifer. There will be a grill available and probably some sort of potluck for the side dishes/salads/desserts if people want to take part in that.

The muni trail is a 3 mile loop that is not very technical and has just enough rocks and roots to make it a little interesting. Plenty of trees too, so if free-mounting is still a challenge you’ll have help!

If you want directions to Flying J, let me know and I’ll post them. I’m not sure of the street names well enough to give directions yet.

Feel free to pm or post with questions!

– Agnes

kid crashes

Osmundo - I like the video! I want to ride that trail sometime too… Quinn is doing great. I haven’t ridden with the kids much lately, but the end of your video made me think of this video I took last year. I almost deleted it because it made me cringe so bad… Today I looked at the time-stamp on two clips I filmed and I saw it took just under 4 minutes for Elsa to re-mount after that major face-plant. At the time I wasn’t sure if it might stop her altogether. I wish I was as tough as my kids…

Ouch, I fell like that recently, my hip and arm are still feeling it.

Yeah, I ride in the front range as well, I’ve been doing mostly long XC rides (20-30 miles) with the geared 29er - buff creek, leadville, some boulder trails, and every now and then chimney gulch/lookout mtn.

Hi Agnes I would love directions from Lakewood. I’ll be there at 4:00.

Regular Muni Ride?

Lets try again for a regular front range muni ride. Steep and technical. White ranch, apex, dakota ridge. Any interest?

Regular meetups

I’m definitely interested in regular technical muni rides this season. I’ve created a meetup group and will be posting some muni rides here: Colorado-Front-Range-Unicycle-Meetup