front page pic in local newspaper

Small town living is sweet, this is from todays Aspen Times.

lily aspentimes uni with dad oct 03'.jpg

I forgot the link, which has the little headline with the pic.

A joy to behold. Thanks!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Your welcome JJuggle!

That’s pretty awesome. How do you get yourself in the paper? Do people just see you unicycling and take a picture and bada bing bada boom you’re in the paper? Probably not that one, but whatever.

Having lived in this great small mountain town for 20+ years has it’s advantages, as long as you live right I guess. I know both newspaper editors and the photographers as well. They are always looking for interesting, cool, unique, pictures, so knowing that the setting was perfect yesterday, I called the photographer up and he was pysched. Things are slow these days in Aspen, it’s off season and we love it. It never hurts to try and call the newspaper when your unicycling.

amen to that
media people are also people who have to do their job
offering them a bit of help can help u get some nice exposure

that particular pic is very kewl

Thanks for thinking the pic was cool, the photographer took 56 exposures in a matter of 20 feet of riding. I know that because my daughter asked him what the noise was. As you all know, people love to take pics of us unicyclist.

Awesome Mike…what a great pic. Will both of you be making it to Moab this spring? I have a 10 year old son who rides…he didn’t make it last year, but I’ve promised him heck or high water we’ll be riding slickrock in March. Hope we see you there.

My son Logan really wants to go bad, he is 13. He needs to work on freemounting, he rides well but has trouble freemounting every time. My daughter Lily, in pic, also wants to participate, she can’t freemount at all though. I am very excited to attend my 2nd Moab MUni fest, hopefully with the kids.

According to studies, the overwhelming percentage of news in your newspaper is initiated by outside sources, not “discovered” by reporters. “Outside sources” includes press releases, and phone calls from proud unicycling dads :slight_smile:

Copy that. Its a small town and it’s off season.