front page news

Front page news today in Aspen, Co.

ride for the pass 2003.jpg

Wow :slight_smile: who is it?


Is that the Albino in the flesh?

It looks like he is trying to show off by riding the yellow line.

Having read about a number of interesting UPDs from Cokers, that scene looks a little claustrophobic to me.

It’s good to see the unicyclist in front. And we can easily assume that there is no one in front out of the photo. Nice work!


That is amazing to see. Tell me, do you know how long this race was? (Asuming that it’s a race and not a coincidental gathering of cyclists, that is.)

dont assume to much,look at the shadow in front…

Yes, it is the unicycling albino in front, notice the albino mustache. The race is a ten mile, 2500’ vertical race up a mountain pass outside of Aspen, Co. named Indendence Pass. The pass tops out at 12,095’! The race covers the middle section of the pass, ending at 11,100’. It is an annual event, this year 250 riders entered on two wheels, and one on one wheel, me. This was the third time that I have entered it.

Re: front page news

Go Mike - that’s a great photo! How did you do in the race?


<heart swelling with pride>

wow. all these… months, i’ve thought that speed and endurance and distance on a by-cicle were in a totally different ball game than unicycles. now i know differently. i had no idea they were comparable on distance. now i know differently.


simply amazing.

I finished, which is good, and for my category, I finished in the top 15%. Overall, which included a bunch of Cat 2 and 3 racers, I finished top 50%. I passed many a two wheeler on the climbs.
And of course, I was last down, but had the biggest smile on of all the racers.
Speed and Distance on steep climbs, the Uni can compete!