Front page news:

The article I said would come out is here…and it made the front page:D
Sorry if the scanned version is a bit hard to read.
Front page
Actual article

Here’s the advert for the article:

I’m not posting the others as images because large file sizes can be tough on some of your computers.

They only put a slanted skinny in for the background and a picnic table for how far out off it I was(I think)
I made this from one of the images on my freestyle.

Here’s a better quality version of the image above the main article.

Very cool.
I like the shadow graphic you made.

Cool article, and cool pictures too.

Nice one. I managed to recently get myself into the student newspaper for my university.

The photo of me they got going down a few stairs got cropped a lot though.

On Friday, a Sentinel newspaper photographer took some pictures of me when I was out riding my uni and a picture got published in the Sunday paper.


And if that wasn’t exciting enough, I got the same clipping in the mail from the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, specifically William Gabig.

Clever political ploy some might say, but how cool is that?

Thats hillarious, and kinda weird, but still cool I guess.

This reminds me of the form letter I got from President Bush, responding to my barely civil and highly sarcastic bit of anti-bushism. It said how he was glad that young people were showing interest :roll_eyes:

Our tax money well at work–it was printed on fancy cotton fiber paper :astonished:
I shudder to think of the funds used to send out several thousand of these letters. It’s certainly more than they use to print a few million dollars.

The letter didn’t say anything about uni! It’s not original, in any case–over here everyone on the honor roll got a nice little advertisement from our senator, before the election. Most of these kids weren’t going to vote, so the target audience was probably the parents. Unfortunately, most of the parents never even saw the letter.:stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s just hope he doesn’t have his little elves send those out to the people in the obituaries, too. :roll_eyes:

And if that wasn’t cool enough…

State Senator!

Thats even cooler because he hand wrote it!

Yeah, I though so too. Pretty soon I’ll get a long personal letter from Obama…